Her Tobacco

Female tobacco workers, second generation refugees themselves, recall their working years in the tobacco processing plants of Agrinio. Meanwhile, tobacco worker Parthena Despoinidou pays a visit to the iconic “Papastratos” plant, trying to reintroduce what used to be one of the most significant tobacco production centers of the 20th century.

My mother the tobacco grower

In December 2014, my grandmother Chryssoula,a tobacco producer (grower) since childhood, goes along with my brother to watch a play about the history of tobacco in the city of Agrinio. Thus, a recursion is set in order to bring that forgotten era back to memory and make its residents reminisce about the city’s past.

An other person

Every day Constantinos Polychronopoulos, the initiator of the social kitchen “an other person”, sets up his portable kitchen somewhere around Athens offering his fellow humans not only food but also solidarity, communion and respect. His companions in this task are the simple people, those who help the ones in need with whatever strength and money they have left. Their stories unfold day after day on the streets in the hope of raising awareness.

Νiala, a forgotten page of history

A great many pages of greek and global history have been written under snowfall and blizzards. One of the most shocking ones was the incident occured in Agrafa, on the neck of “Niala” mountain, during the peak of the greek civil war. The event happened in June, 1947 and was recorded as the “tragedy of Niala” or “the Reconciliation of Niala”. Opposing groups of guerrila fighters and government troops broke bread for just one night under nature’s fury in Mount Niala, Agrafa.Summer 2012, Niala. 65 years after the incident, Vasilis Fitsilis unfolds this tragedy’s strand.